Saturday, October 15, 2011

Raptor Ridge Trail Half Marathon

I'm a little late in posting this, but on 9 October, Sean and I ran the final race in a four-part series, "The Dirt Devil Racing Series".  This included the Coyote 5k, Sidewinder 10k, Stairway to Heaven 15k, and finally the Raptor Ridge half marathon.  The race series was put on by the San Diego Dirt Devils and the San Diego Running Institute and they did a great job!

This was the longest race that Sean has ever done and he was awesome!

     All of the races were done in the San Diego area on beautiful trails that were very challenging.  In fact, I'd say that the Stairway to Heaven 15k was in the top three toughest races I've ever run!  The crews that coordinated the race were great and they had volunteers posted along the way to cheer on the runners.  Throughout the series, we received pint glasses with the race logo on them.  For those who finished the entire series, we all received a really nice class pitcher with all four race logos on them!

     Congratulations to all of the runners on finishing the series!  My favorite thing about the race series was how motivating and encouraging the other runners were.  Almost every time someone passed me (which was pretty often), they offered words of encouragement.  What a great group of runners!!!

Sorry that all the pictures say the word "PROOF" on them...with all the races we do, I find that it's too expensive to actually buy the pictures most times and I just did a screen capture on them :-)

What's your favorite race series?