Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gadgets Galore

One of my favorite things about running is that all you really need are shoes, shorts, a good sports bra, and a t-shirt.  It's relatively inexpensive if you stay away from all the fancy gadgets out there.  However, that being said, a part of me does love to geek out in the running store and over time I've acquired some "favorite" running items.  In no particular order, here they are:
The Garmin Forerunner 305 (or really any other model).  It can do pace, distance, heart rate, elevation, lap splits, and probably make dinner too!  This is a great way to log and track mileage.  It comes with computer software so you can plot your routes and build an electronic running log.

For anyone who has those tiny fly-aways that always seem to poke you right in the eye when your hair starts to fall out of your ponytail, the RazzyRoo is a perfect solution!  This nifty little band stays in place for as long as you want to hit the road.  

And lastly, Zoot makes a compression sock that really does assist with post-run recovery!  I wear them for about three hours post run (usually after a sprint workout or long run) and they keep the blood flowing, which keeps the soreness down.  

What are your favorite running gadgets?  

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Jennifer Goodale said...

I love the RunKeeper App on my iPhone. It tracks mileage, pace, route and calories burned...and it's free! I also love the RazzyRoo you got me! Not only is it functional, it's pretty!

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