Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cross Training

Running magazines often tout the benefits of cross training. It reduces stress on joints while still actively working out. It changes up your normal routine to keep you motivated. And somehow, it improves your running.

This morning, after a relaxing 3.2 mile jog with these girls:

I met up with a friend for a bike ride. Ideally, I'd like to ride twice a week; however, due to day care issues and daily life, I've been happy to knock out one per week. And luckily, our fearless Stroller Warrior leader, Steph Geraghty, rides with me. We rode 19 miles today (a bit shorter than we would have liked, but such is life) at about a 17-19 mph pace. Throughout most of the workout, we are able to ride side-by-side and chat, making it pass much more quickly. And although my legs were smoked at the end, I'm confident that it will improve my overall endurance and running. I also try to include some Crossfit workouts.  

What type of cross training do you do?

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Jessica said...

Biking and swimming are my two favorite ways to cross train. I'd really like to get into yoga, as I think improving my flexibility would help me run faster, but I haven't built it into my schedule yet!

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