Monday, October 10, 2011

Because Being a Mom Isn't Enough

I have another blog that typically details the daily happenings with my beautiful daughter, Reagan. And while being a mother is amazing, it's not the only way I define myself. I have posted a few blogs about running in Kumquats and Such, but I thought I'd start a blog just for my running exploits.

Yesterday I took Reagan for a 7 mile run around the air station. It was a great day for running. I walked for a minute after each mile and that helped my legs recover. We maintained about a 9 minute pace including the walk breaks. Not too shabby after posting my new stroller PR during the Run for the Tatas 5k in Wilmington. (23:16 - 46th out of 420 total runners; 18th out of 291 women)

Today we knocked out 5.5 with a friend who kindly pushed the stroller for half of the workout. This chick I ran with is a stud and just finished her long run in preparation for the MCM at the end of the month (she pushed an 8:30 pace for 20 miles!). I told her at the start that we'd be slowing to my typical 9-minute pace, but instead, she and I maintained an 8:13 pace!

As a former Marine and now stay-at-home mom, I found myself longing to create an identity of my own. I never loved running when I had to do it as part of my job. Now I search for opportunities to hit the road/trail. I used to cringe at the thought of 3 miles, but now that's just an easy day. As a member of the Stroller Warriors running club, I've found my niche. Hopefully I'll continue to post in this blog as a way to keep myself motivated.


Jessica said...

I love it!!! Great job Jen, and definitely motivating!!!

Unknown said...

Wow!! You are so fast! I'm very impressed. -Laura M

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