Thursday, June 14, 2012

Running & Potty Training

Now, for those of you who assume I am potty training based on my post a while back about almost pooping myself, you would be mistaken:) This is about the Weasel!

A month ago, I decided to attempt potty training Weasel. She didn't talk then and even though she's been pooping on the potty for months, she just wasn't ready to commit to using it full time. It was frustrating, but we shelved the idea for a bit. Well, after spending a couple weeks with her Grandma & Grandpa, Weasel learned to talk. That brings us to today's post. We are attempting to potty train yet again. She's done a great job with just a few accidents that tip her off that it's time to lose to panties and hit the toilet. How does this relate to a running blog you ask?

Potty training is a full time gig. Weasel spends the majority of her day running around bare bottomed. When it's time to go for a run, we can't exactly be gone for a long time. Just before we leave, she hops on the potty and takes care of business. Then we take a quick 2 mile jog and it's back to being pants-less at home. That doesn't really work for me since I rarely like to log less than 3 miles, so we take a couple or three 2 mile jogs throughout the day. Hey, you've got to do what works, right?! We also bring the portable potty wherever we go. So while it's not exactly the dream training scenario, I once read in Runner's World that as long as you log the miles, that's what counts. They don't have to be done at one time!

Anyone have tips for me?! I could use them all!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stroller Warriors Take On The PFT

For those non-military types, the Physical Fitness Test (or PFT) is a Marine Corps event that must be completed twice a year to certain standards. Being that Stroller Warriors is created from military spouses, our leader has us conduct the same test twice a year as well. It's a 3 mile run followed by a flexed arm hang (max of 70 seconds) and 2 minutes of crunches (max of 200). For some of our newer members who haven't done much running prior to joining, this test can be intimidating. Nevertheless, they show up with bedazzled shirts and tackle their fears. It's quite an awesome showing and many people surprise themselves with their performance!

Here are some pictures from the PFT we did yesterday:

First friend and running partner, Jill!

Jane makes her second appearance in the blog because she's just that incredible!

Kat and Naomi bringing it in with a sprint - and if you've never sprinted with a jogger, it's NOT easy!

Super Stroller Warrior!

And sometimes the kiddos just have to get out and cross the finish line too!

Such focus and determination. These ladies make it look easy!

And because it wouldn't be a SW PFT without decorated t-shirts, here are a few. And yes, that's our leader in the top left picture trying to boost attendance on Friday by holding the news of her upcoming baby's gender until then:)

And while it looks like a bunch of women who may have too much time on their hands, coloring shirts and playing with kiddos, don't let this bunch fool you. They are a group of determined runners who push the pace every day. Our first runner in, Jill, finished in 21:30...WITH A STROLLER! Just another reason I love this club!

(Morning edit) One of the SW got a shot of me & one of the Weasel as we came in from our 3 miles!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We have been on vacation for a couple weeks, but I'm back! Here's a short recap of my first run in the hills of Westpoint (United States Military Academy). We arrived at the hotel around 11:15. Immediately, my husband bailed on me to play golf with the other members of the wedding party. I decided that was a perfect opportunity to explore the ground of Westpoint and work in my run for the day (necessary after a 5 hour car trip). I asked the groom (and Westpoint graduate) where I should go. Laughingly, he responded, "Hey, you should do Stony Lonesome." I was curious, but since I'm always up for a challenge, I decided to go in search of this route. I ran along the main road and passed some beautiful sites:

These first two miles were gloriously flat just like the terrain to which I've been accustomed living at the beach. The gorgeous campus and picturesque views of the Hudson made me forget that I was even running. Then I saw a sign for Michie Stadium (the groom had mentioned staying away from all signs of this nature if I wanted to avoid hills:) Curiosity got the better of me and I turned left toward the stadium. That left took me straight uphill! Luckily I was rewarded with yet another great view:

As I rounded the corner to pass the stadium, I saw this:

In my head I thought, "Geez, that hill was rough, but how much worse could it get?" Well, for another mile, which was all I could muster, it continued straight up the hill. In fact, I passed an MP (Military Police) car and asked for directions back to the hotel to see if there was a way to avoid back tracking. The MPs laughed and said, "Nope. But you can keep going up the hill to the gate and then turn around...if you make it." Sadly, I must report, I didn't make it to the gate. I wasn't sure my body could take another step up, so I made the turn. Here's a picture from the point I actually made it to:

As most of you can imagine, the downhill was almost worse. My legs definitely aren't used to such a pounding! Overall it was a fantastic run. Putting the hill (both up and down) as the middle 2 miles worked perfectly giving my legs a chance to warm up and cool down as needed. 

As June comes closer to July, I'll be starting my marathon training program. I appreciate all of you who provided insight on what plans have worked for you in the past. I haven't decided on a plan 100% yet, but I'm leaning toward one of the Hal Higdon plans with a few modifications. 

Happy Running!