Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Shoes Make You Fast, Right?!

After reading Born to Run, I have found a new running style. I still revert to my old style, but I have started running more on the balls of my feet (encouraged by running in Vibram Five Fingers), especially when pushing the stroller. This has led to a drastically different wear pattern on my old shoes, so after about 400 miles, I've invested in a new pair. 

I wear a size 11 in women's shoes. This makes it both difficult and easy to select a running shoe. I'm loyal to Saucony and have been for the last 7 or so years. When I enter a shoe store, I immediately select a few pairs and ask for whatever they carry in an 11. This usually yields 2 pairs. I put one on each foot, take a short jog and pick within a matter of minutes. 

Hopefully if the weather cooperates today, I'll get to test them out with a group run. If not, they will make their debut on the treadmill in my living room. Regardless, I'll post a review tomorrow.