Friday, November 18, 2011

Athleta Irongirl 5k - Del Mar

Sunday, 6 November I had the privilege of running a 5k with some of the most awesome female runners out there!  For those unfamiliar with the Irongirl races, it's time to check them out!  These all-women events are amazing!  

First I'll start with the expo.  I went down on Saturday to pick up my race packet.  I was excited to wander around all of the different booths and score free stuff.  I got a 5 min massage from the Active Posture Chiropractic (and signed up for a Bodywork Package for only $'s normally $312!).  I had my first Active Release Technique treatment from Dr. Anna.  I also found some Rock Tape from Dr. Corey. 
Courtesy of Dr. Corey!

On race day, I drove down to Del Mar a bit early, as Dr. Corey was doing free pre-race taping and I wanted to have my feet taped.  It made a HUGE difference during my run!  Then I linked up with my friend Danielle Thomas and we headed over to the start. This was a relatively flat course.  They had awesome music and the air held the excitement of some first time runners!  Runners ranged from the speed demons to those who were out there for the first time.  Some women dressed up and they looked great!  
I hate photos of my running, so whenever I see a cameraman, I "pose"

Overall stats for the race:
7/56 in the F30-34 division
27/944 overall
Pace: 8:10
Overall time: 25:17

Congrats to all the finishers!  Keep getting out there and doing your thing!

Have you ever run an Irongirl Race?  What did you think of it?


robinbb said...

How did you like the Rock tape? Love the race picture!

Jessica said...

I liked the Rock tape. It stayed on for 3 days (even through showers) and just provided an extra bit of support for my painful feet! Definitely recommend checking it out.

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