Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wowzer Wednesday - MILE POST's 10k PR

Last Saturday, I finished a great run - 5 miles in 39:46 (avg pace: 7:57 mph). I was thrilled. So excited that I just had to tweet about it. Right after I tweeted, I read a post from @mileposts that boasted her new 10k PR: 40:23!! Here I was, elated from what was probably my new 5 mile PR, and I see that Dorothy ran another mile in just about the same amount of time:)

This did not take away from my joy, but merely gave me more motivation to keep logging miles and incorporating speed work in hopes of one day catching this super fast lady! Read about her PR here. She absolutely rocked this race and did it with humility. She's a great role model in the world of running moms (and regular runners too). Thanks for the inspiration!

borrowed from Mile Posts


robinbb said...

She is amazing isn't she? I hate the 10k and can't imagine going as fast as her, ever.

Heather said...

oh my, so speedy way to go!

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