Monday, November 21, 2011

Surprise: An Early Christmas Gift

Yes, I know it's mid-November, but since Jessica is deploying to Afghanistan sometime in December, she sent me an early Christmas gift. She had always been a generous person. Whenever she finds something great, she typically buys two and sends me one! It's great to be the same size as someone else:)

This year, she outdid herself! We are always talking about getting the latest gear for running because in the back of our minds, we think that someone out there has created a product that will make us faster, make us run longer. And though in reality, we both realize these products don't exist, there are some things on the market that can improve our overall performance (or just make us look cooler).

Here's the loot:

Test packets of Ultima drink mix which provides electrolyte replacement with no sugar. Brooks bag for race day supplies. A tube of nuun drink tablets which we're giving away but I've never tried. Honey Stinger wafers and chews. Running Skirts arm warmers in an awesome paisley pattern! Full-fingered biking gloves. 2XU compression socks.

Seriously, BEST SISTER EVER! And I'm definitely going to be faster now!

Can't wait to try these. Jessica says they should be relabeled as "Crack Waffles" because they are that good!

I recently purchased what I thought was a pair of compression socks from Under Armour. When I put them on fairly easily, I thought it was a bit strange. Then I tried these 2XU socks and WOW...what a difference. I immediately noticed a huge difference in the level of compression. So here's a tip: save yourself the $20 on the great deal for Under Armour socks, and splurge for the real deal.


robinbb said...

That is awesome. I can't wait to figure out what to get my sister for Christmas. She loves running too and I may steal some ideas from you guys.

Michele @ nycrunningmama said...

These are GREAT ideas!! And so sweet (well-organized) of Jess to already have your Christmas gift purchased!!
Jess - I hope that you have a quick, safe deployment. Please post your address (or send it to me) when you get settled! After a few deployments, I know what type of things I looked forward to in care packages! =)

Suz and Allan said...

That is awesome! What sweet gifts!

Jessica-Thank you so much for your service! I hope you will let us know if you need anything at all while you're in Afghanistan.

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