Thursday, November 17, 2011

Runner's Wish List

After looking at Beth's Chasing my Joy blog, we thought it would be fun to come up with our own "Runner's Wish List"!  Here are some of the things we have our eye on:

Women's Puma TP Seamless Jacket - It has THUMB HOLES!!!  We love this feature!

RSS Dry-As-A-Bone No-Show Socks - While socks may seem boring to some, we love new socks!  Seems like all the good ones we have get eaten by the "Dryer Monster"!
Women's Performance Shorts - Ok, to be honest, we aren't sure if these shorts are great for running, but if they give you HER waistline, we WANT them!

Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 - with all the hype on every other blog (read one here from SUAR) about the 8mm heel-to-toe offset, I'm dying to try these.  In fact, I've entered about 10 contests to win a pair...alas, no joy yet.  But I'm not giving up hope yet.  I'm loyal to Saucony and someday, I'll quit being such a cheapskate and actually but the "latest thing!"

When Jessica wears a beanie, she looks a bit strange...probably because she's hiding about 2 feet of hair wrapped in a bun under there:)  Here's a new concept - Athleta's new Base Miles Beanie features a cut out for your ponytail!  Genius.  I'm ordering one immediately, maybe even two so she can have one.  

Ok, so it's not a beanie in this shot, but you get the idea...second head, right?!

Much more stylish:)

From this point forward, we will refer to this as our "happier, healthier" wishlist.  When we were younger, we dubbed the bath products aisle with a similar name.  You know, things that you definitely don't need, but if you had would "probably" make you a more grounded, content human being?!  (And surely the things on this list would aid our quests for the next PR.)

What's on your "happier, healthier" wishlist?

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