Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is November Over Yet?!

Time for another update on the status of our goals:

Here's how we did this week (we share a Daily Mile account!)

Jennifer's Goals
1. Run 5 days a week. Done.  Ran 6 days this week.
2. Do speed work once a week.  Completed. In a parking lot without an accurate distance.  But there were multiple laps at a faster pace, so it's a start.
3. Go to bed by 10:30 every night!  Better this week.  For the most part, I've at least been IN the bed by 10:30 every night.  Unfortunately, I've also been bringing a book to bed with me.
4. Learn about fueling/nutrition for before/during longer runs.  Started browsing the Hammer Nutrition catalog that Jessica gave me.  I'm figuring out what options exist and trying to determine if I'm at a level where I really need them.
5. Eat sweets no more than three times a week.  Stupid holiday Oreo cookies!  I didn't buy them (my MIL did), but I sure am doing my part to empty the package.  Alas, I did some good runs last week, so I've turned a blind eye.
Borrowed from http://www.runningandstuff.com/

Jess' Goals
1.  Complete speed work once a week.  Does it count if it was on the bike?  My PF is flaring up pretty badly these days, so I've spent more time on the bike this week than hitting the road in my running shoes.
2.  Add two yoga workouts per week.  Totally failed here...
3.  35 miles per week.  Again, I'm including my cross training miles here, because of my feet being currently injured!
4.  Eliminate Monster energy drinks from my daily intake.  Still going strong here!  I haven't had any caffeine since 31 October!
5.  Find one new trail to run every week.  Ok, so no new trails (back to that whole not running thing), but I biked two new routes this week that I've never done before!
***Note: Being injured and taking time off of running really sucks....being injured for longer than I need to be because I didn't take any time off sucks worse!

How are you doing on your monthly goals?  Making progress?


Michelle @ Blogitness said...

My monthly goal is to recovery from foot surgery as quickly as possibly...so far I am two weeks ahead of schedule.

I love the goal of eliminating Monster energy drinks...I should probably add that to my list of goals!

Jenn said...

Never had a Monster Energy Drink, but great job on ditching the caffeine! Since I moved to Florida, I've tried to eliminate any and all soda from my diet. I haven't had soda in a few weeks, but so far I haven't been able to ditch my daily cup of coffee.

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