Friday, September 14, 2012

I Love SoCal

It's so great to be back in SoCal (that's Southern California for anyone who isn't lucky enough to have visited this amazing place).  Why do I rave about this location???  Well, I'm glad you asked:

1) Weather - it's always perfect weather here!  Okay, we get a little bit of rain here and there and sometimes it can be a bit overcast near the coast, but that makes for nicer runs!  

2) Food - as a vegetarian, this place suites me!  I used to be stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC (pretty much they live off of BBQ there) and it was not conducive to my dietary choices.  Everywhere you look here there's a vegetarian restaurant to be had (My favorite is Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside).  They also have farmers' markets EVERY DAY of the week!  

3) Fitness - everywhere I look people are outdoors doing something - surfing, walking, running, biking, hiking, and anything else you can think of!  If I'm ever lacking motivation, I just need to walk a mile down the road from my house to Pacific Coast Highway and I'm guaranteed to see at least a dozen people working out.  Additionally, there's always some kind of race going on every weekend, so you don't have to drive far for a challenge!

4) People - we have all kinds here.  Hippies, business people, surfers, tons of military, CrossFitters, triathletes, cyclists, yogis, tree huggers, gun rights activists - we've got them all!

5) Dog Beach - this might be last on my list, but it's one of the best parts about this place.  They have beaches where the primary users are DOGS!  As the proud owner of a five-year old Golden Retriever, Nessie, who loves to swim, this is a huge win.  As soon as Labor Day hits, the beaches allow the dogs to be off-leash.  She's free to roam around, swim, chase balls, and pee wherever she likes!

If you've never been here, you NEED to come!