Thursday, September 13, 2012

Afternoon Munchies

Since returning home, I've gotten back to my normal routine of working out first thing in the morning at 0600.  It's convenient because there's no traffic on the way in and the weather is still cool.  I always pack all of my snacks and lunch so I can save money.  I also eat a lot healthier if I bring food to work, rather than running to the store and grabbing whatever looks good.  

However, I have a big soon as I get home in the late afternoon I eat everything that is not nailed down!!!  Seriously, if it can't run away, I'm going to eat it (good thing our Golden Retriever, Nessie has legs!!).  

Any ideas for stopping the afternoon binges?  I try to drink a lot of water and keep myself busy, but I always wind up right back in the kitchen!  Any advice would be much appreciated!!!