Monday, September 10, 2012

Goal Update - Week 1

After a week, it's time to provide an update on the goals I set last week.  Based on what's below, you might think that I would be disappointed, but I'm not!  I feel like any progress is better than none at all and I've learned not to be too critical of myself.  That just leads to discouragement for me and then I start to feel like I'll never get anywhere.  So, for all to see, here's the little bit of progress I DID make this week!

Exercise Goals
1) Run 25 miles a week - This was probably wayyyy too optimistic.  Having just returned home and after four months of barely running at all, I should have set a more achievable goal.  Additionally, Camp Leatherneck is very flat...and Camp Pendleton is NOT!  So with the lack of miles, the brutal hills, and me just trying to get back to normal life, I wound up only getting 11 miles.  But I'm okay with that!  It was 11 more miles than I got last week, so I'm happy!
2) Swim at least 3 times a week - fail on this one.  Big plans to get in at least one swim this week though ;-)
3) Bike to and from work at least once a week - Hmmm...seems to be a trend here.  Definitely didn't accomplish this one.  I did get a bike pump and will be ready to hit the road soon, I promise.
4) 10-dead hang pull-ups - Finally, one that I'm making good progress towards!  I'm doing a pull-up program called "Recon Ron" and it increases the number of pull-ups gradually each week.  I'm on week three and you do five sets a week.  This week I did 8-6-5-5-4 and I'm happy to report that I got all five sets in!

Nutrition Goals
1) One caffeinated drink per day - I did really well here.  In fact, I only had two caffeinated drinks all week.  I caved one afternoon because I had a headache and figured it might help.  
2) One carbonated beverage per week - Again - WIN!  I had one Monster (which also counted for one of my caffeinated drinks this week) on Tuesday and that was it!  
3) Keep a food journal...preferably one where I don't cheat and leave things out - I got a late start on this one, but after seeing some others Tweet about MyFitnessPal, I decided to check it out.  I have two days of logging everything I eat - without skipping anything!