Monday, March 26, 2012

What Next?

Some of you may recall, that I recently did a post about Insanity. After just three days of it, I loved the program, but I took a break because I was running the Quintiles Half that coming weekend. After reaching my goal (sub 2-hour), I took a couple days off from running. Now I'm back at it again. Unfortunately, I'm struggling with what program (if any) I want to do now. I've signed up for the MCM in October, so I know I'll have a marathon training plan in the relatively near future, but what should I do now? Do I keep running? Do I change it up and go back to the Insanity workout for a bit? Do I break out my dusty bike and log some miles in hopes of fitting in a tri before we move in the fall? 

HELP!! How do you come off a big race? 

I don't want to lose the momentum from my half training, but I don't want to burn out either. Just looking for some advice here. I'm all ears.


MizFit said...

Well, I'm not a runner but I am a hugebigTREMENDOUS believer in mixing it up.

And I'm a Supreme 90 Day woman :-)
No insanity here.

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

i say just have some fun! mix it up for a few weeks and do a little bit of everything. no plan required :)

Suz and Allan said...

I agree with Lindsay, just do what you feel like doing that day.

Jen said...

I say mix it up and have fun!

Kierston said...

Have fun and do what you feel like doing! Mixing it up is always a great way to keep things lively :)

Jess@themommymiles said...

I dont know if you are interested but Train Like A Mother just came out (I went to the reading). Anyways, it has fun plans for 5ks, 10ks and longer distances. Maybe you can mix it up while building some speed (not that you need any...speedy pants sub 2!!!) and train for a super fast 5k.Can't wait to hear what you choose to do.

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