Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just My Luck...

The Monday following the half, I did a great shake out 3.1, and I had every intention of doing a short 30 minute jog with my fellow Stroller Warriors on Tuesday (as usual). My husband said, "You should really take the day off today." Naturally, I objected because I have my routine, and I love running with my girlfriends. So he relented and said, "Hey, I just don't want you to over do it and end up with an injury down the road." I took it into consideration, but decided to meet the club anyway.

So Tuesday morning, at 8:55, I headed out with Jason's uniforms in tow (to take to the dry cleaners) and the Weasel's breakfast to go. We were supposed to got to playgroup immediately after the run, so I wanted to get the dry cleaning dropped off BEFORE our 9:30 run. Unfortunately, in my hurry to get things done, I sped through a school zone (the flashing lights were overhead and not a place I typically look). It was a speed trap!


I was clocked at 44 in a 25 during school hours. Totally busted. I handed over my license and registration and shortly after had a serious breakdown. It was enough to upset the Weasel who was previously riding happily in the back with her waffles:( The cop returned, ticket in hand, and told me how to take care of it. Unfortunately, I didn't need the instructions as this is my 4th ticket since moving to NC in August 2009! 

Background: In November 2009, on the way to a friend's wedding (in which I was a bridesmaid and running ridiculously late), I received a ticket. I was going 90 in a 55, but the nice cop wrote it as 70 in a 55 so I didn't go straight to jail. Thank goodness he was understanding. This was the first ticket I had gotten since I was 16! On my way back to Jacksonville that same weekend, I was 10 miles from home on a long trip with a crying baby and an anxious dog and got my second ticket...73 in a 55. I had to wait for a call from my husband, who was training in CA for an upcoming deployment, to relay my discretions. Luckily, I caveated the bad news with the fact that I had just found out we were pregnant! I drove slowly for a while, but earlier last year, I was pulled over coming off a bypass into town where the speed limit drops from 65 to 45 without much warning. I got that ticket for 59 in a 45. So that officially brought me to 9 points on my driver's license. Not good!

Coming back to the ticket at hand, I was so distraught over my newest mistake, that I decided to skip the run all together. I dropped off the dry cleaning and headed straight to the local courthouse. As luck would have it, I ran into my neighbor, a deputy sheriff, as we entered the building. I explained my situation, and in very certain terms, she told me exactly what to do. I checked in at the front desk and requested to be an add-on to the court docket for that day. The Weasel and I waited approximately 3 hours (thank goodness I had lots of snacks!) and within that time, we met with a DA and had the charges reduced to 40 in a 25 not in a school zone, and then went before a judge to request a Prayer for Judgment. My request was accepted, THANK GOODNESS! So now, I absolutely cannot get another ticket within the next three years, or this one will be reinstated. 

Needless to say, I definitely ended up taking the day off running:( But my dear friend came over with milkshakes in hand and a great birthday gift to boot. So thankful for my great friends.