Friday, December 16, 2011

It's all about the Numbers

My life revolves around numbers...

How many miles did I run/bike this week?
How many followers do we have on the blog/Twitter/Facebook?
How many calories did I consume today?
How many calories did I burn today?
Why won't that number on the scale go down?

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers - They are EVERYWHERE!

Why am I so obsessed with numbers?  Well, I think it shows progress.  It helps me know if I'm accomplishing the goals I've set.  It helps us know if you like what we're writing about (shameless plug for followers!).  

Unfortunately, it can absolutely be a buzz-kill.  When I set out to run 6 miles and I only get 4 done, it can really crush my spirit.  Sometimes all I've got in me is 4 miles, and I should be happy with that.  About two years ago I got rid of my scale....I had become a slave to it.  I was so focused on reaching my "perfect" weight, with little regard for whether I was being healthy.  As a Marine, I do have to weigh in about once every three months, but I can deal with that.  We have weight standards, but that's never a concern.  I still find myself hoping weigh-in to weigh-in that the number goes down.  Instead I should focus on how my clothes fit and how my workouts are going.

As for the number of followers we have, I try to remind myself that we write this blog because it's FUN. We enjoy writing about something we love.  Having followers is cool, but at the end of the day, I'd keep writing even if no one ever read it!  

Are you a number watcher?  What numbers are you tracking?