Friday, November 25, 2011

Hampstead Kiwanis Park 8k Turkey Trot

On Saturday, 19 November, my running club, Stroller Warriors participated in the Hampstead Kiwanis Park 8k Turkey Trot. It was the perfect weather for a run at a cool 50-degrees and this run was definitely geared for families. There were LOTS of strollers participating, even one with dogs riding along! They had plenty of music and entertainment before the race started, including a Zumba instructor showing off her moves and hoola hoops for the kiddos.

Without nearly as much warning as I had hoped for, the 9:00 start was upon us. In fact, we barely made it to the back of the pack when the horn sounded! In typical Stroller Warrior fashion, we used our strollers as battering rams (ok, not really) to maneuver through the crowd. I quickly caught up to our lead SW and we chatted through the first 2 and a half miles. I even managed to push both of our strollers while my friend took off her long sleeved shirt:) Just before the orange turn around cone, my stroller suddenly stopped...the front wheel actually fell off and rolled into a nearby bush. My friend, Susannah came to the rescue and held up the stroller while I reattached the wheel. (Lesson learned: always op check gear PRIOR to a race!) We got right back in the game and continued to say to each other, "I've got to slow down a bit, but you go ahead." Of course, neither one of us slowed down at all and it turned out to be a great race. Susannah finished 3rd female overall in 37:06 and I followed closely behind, winning my age group in 37:12.

We had lots of Stroller Warriors in attendance and the race announcer gave us plenty of shout outs. The only bad thing about the race was the crazy finish. We had to weave around a very strange path where we could see the finish line, but didn't actually know how to get to it. 

Here are some of the SWs in action:

This is Liz, and yes, she's always that happy when she runs!

Our club leader rocking her double stroller! Go Steph!!

We all decided to wear knee high socks during this race and it was quite a site:

This decision was inspired by our currently injured, but nonetheless present SW, Jessica:

Liz and Jess showing off their socks.

All in all, this was a fabulous way to kick off the holiday season. The more you run, the more pie you can eat, right?! One of our new members rocked this awesome bandana:

This might encompass my feelings about running:)

This guy is at nearly every race I've ever done in Eastern NC, and he runs with a full pack:

Not sure what look he was going for, but he's fast enough to rock the outfit. He passed us just before my wheel fell off.

SWs pre-race photo...only missing a few in the pic.

Couldnt' have a post without a picture of my weasel with the race Turkey, could I? She was a champ throughout the whole wheel debacle too. Love my girl!


OatmealBowl said...

I love stroller warriors if they are in front of you, because they pave a path. ;)

Nice knee highs. Nice run.

Suz and Allan said...

Congrats on winning your age group!

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