Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Need to set the bar lower next month...

Jennifer's Goals
1. Run 5 days a week. Ran all 7 days this week.  And completed an 8k turkey trot!
2. Do speed work once a week.  The 8k wasn't exactly speed work, but it sure felt like it.  So no legitimate speed work this week:(
3. Go to bed by 10:30 every night!  I'm so happy to be home and have access to my computer again, but it is NOT a good thing for my early curfew.  Feeling rested enough though.
4. Learn about fueling/nutrition for before/during longer runs.  Thanks to my dear sister, I've started using nuun and trying to drink tiny sips throughout my runs.  I'm not sure it helps, but I know it's what I'm supposed to be doing.  And that's a start right?
5. Eat sweets no more than three times a week.  I should never have made this a goal.  It's totally not realistic.  I've got the world's worst sweet tooth. To make up for it, I just try to run more.  And that should count.

Jess' Goals
1. Complete speed work once a week.  FAIL...didn't get this done this week...stayed off of my feet most of the week and on the bike.
2. Add two yoga workouts per week.  FAIL...yeah, not looking good so far this week...
3.  35 miles per week.  Definitely got this one done this week, as I've decided biking most definitely counts.  Once my feet are not hurting so much, I'll be able to work on 35 miles of just running!
4. Eliminate Monster energy drinks from my daily intake.  Still going strong here!  I had a tall mocha, so I did have some caffeine, but no Monsters!
5. Find one new trail to run every week. DONE! My review of Penasquitos Creek Park will be coming this week!