Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stroller Warriors Take On The PFT

For those non-military types, the Physical Fitness Test (or PFT) is a Marine Corps event that must be completed twice a year to certain standards. Being that Stroller Warriors is created from military spouses, our leader has us conduct the same test twice a year as well. It's a 3 mile run followed by a flexed arm hang (max of 70 seconds) and 2 minutes of crunches (max of 200). For some of our newer members who haven't done much running prior to joining, this test can be intimidating. Nevertheless, they show up with bedazzled shirts and tackle their fears. It's quite an awesome showing and many people surprise themselves with their performance!

Here are some pictures from the PFT we did yesterday:

First friend and running partner, Jill!

Jane makes her second appearance in the blog because she's just that incredible!

Kat and Naomi bringing it in with a sprint - and if you've never sprinted with a jogger, it's NOT easy!

Super Stroller Warrior!

And sometimes the kiddos just have to get out and cross the finish line too!

Such focus and determination. These ladies make it look easy!

And because it wouldn't be a SW PFT without decorated t-shirts, here are a few. And yes, that's our leader in the top left picture trying to boost attendance on Friday by holding the news of her upcoming baby's gender until then:)

And while it looks like a bunch of women who may have too much time on their hands, coloring shirts and playing with kiddos, don't let this bunch fool you. They are a group of determined runners who push the pace every day. Our first runner in, Jill, finished in 21:30...WITH A STROLLER! Just another reason I love this club!

(Morning edit) One of the SW got a shot of me & one of the Weasel as we came in from our 3 miles!