Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pulse Pilates

Today was my second EVER Pilates class!  Sean took me to a mat class at Pulse Pilates in Carlsbad on my first weekend home.  Having never done Pilates, I was a bit nervous and pretty much had it in my mind that it would be way too hard for me and I would end up looking really silly trying to do all kinds of "weird" stuff.

As it turns out, it wasn't awful and today Sean and I headed back for my second mat class with Natalie Dent.  She is amazing - patient, positive, and challenging!  I was incredibly awkward with all of the movements, especially the ones that left me shaking because my body was revolting...but she guided me through each movement as I needed help.  The class size was small, nine people total this morning, which is perfect for me.

The class is challenging but fun.  It forces you to engage your core and work on flexibility, which I really, really need to do based on the fact that I can barely touch my toes!  So for anyone looking to bolster their training plan, challenge themselves and have fun - check it out!  If you are in the Carlsbad area, I highly recommend you check out the Pulse Pilates studio where you can meet the lovely Natalie Dent.