Thursday, April 12, 2012

Healthy Benefits of Social Media

While I was pregnant with the Weasel, my husband was deployed and I didn't have too many friends in the local area. (This is not a pity party, I promise:) I decided to start a blog to just keep our family and friends throughout the country up-to-date on what was happening. After Weasel was born, I continued that blog, to somewhat chronicle her life, and eventually, I'd like to make it into a book for her. Occasionally I'd write about local 5ks on there, but to be honest, no one in that "audience" really cares much about my running. Don't get me wrong, they are supportive, but they don't really want to read about how I nearly pooped myself on a run, or an impromptu half marathon with my girl friends. 

So in October 2011, I started this blog with my sister. We added a Twitter account (@irunthere4iam) and a Facebook page to launch ourselves into the world of social media. At the beginning, adding those things were Jessica's idea. I wasn't all that keen on it because it just seemed like extra work. I didn't really feel a connection to anything but the blog. But my perspective has completely shifted in the last few months. We've made virtual friends like Heidi at Banana Buzzbomb. We regularly tweet with Betsy at The Everyday Warrior and Robin at Westford Mommy. And most recently, we became FitFluential Ambassadors where we've been "introduced" to a host of amazing individuals who place fitness among their highest priorities. 

Now we don't have the largest following on our blog, twitter account, or FB page, but we do have some loyal readers who constantly provide comments, replies, and motivation whenever we post and for them, we are grateful. While I realize that no one is out there in Twitterland waiting to read what my workout of the day was, or what I've been eating, I feel a need desire to share these things with my "friends" to hold myself accountable. I've gotten workout ideas, inspiration for healthy meals, and just an outlet for my (as my husband would say) cultish addiction to running through social media. 

I know that the dedicated few who do follow us expect a certain level of dedication; therefore, when I am not feeling a run or want to indulge in that extra piece of candy, I can log on to one of these outlets and find the motivation I need to stay the course. 

Thank you Suz and Allan at Cows and Lasers and Everything In Between, Jess and Katie at The Mommy Miles, Carla at MizFit Online, Christine at Oatmeal In My Bowl, and anyone else who has commented, tweeted, or just connected with us in this social media craze. You do make a difference in our fitness level and our approach to healthy living! (In fact, the only sweet thing I've had since posting about my addiction was a "healthy" chocolate chip cookie I made from a recipe I got from Ashley at My Food N' Fitness Diaries, and I've completed my speed workout for the week!) 

P.S. The speed workout was on the dreadmill, but it's the best alternative to laps of the track with a stroller since the gym has a daycare. I did 1 mile warm-up at a 9:04 pace. Then 1/4 mile intervals at above pace (7:30), pace (8:00) and sprint (7:03) for 2 miles. Cooled down with a 1/2 mile at 8:34.