Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Self-Discipline...Where Can I Get Some

We just returned from an Easter weekend spent with my in-laws in Virginia. And while we did make it to church to celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ, let's be honest, in an family of Catholics and Methodists who are not overly religious, it's really a holiday shrouded in sugary deliciousness. In my basket alone, thanks to MIL, I received a chocolate bunny, Green Latte hard candies, more Peeps than I could count, Starburst jelly beans, a small box of Godiva chocolate, and some Hershey's Cookies & Creme drops! Have I mentioned that I'm somewhat of a candy addict?!

As soon as we arrived home and unpacked the car, Jason and I stashed most of the candy in a small bag at the bottom of the pantry and tossed some of the items we never intend to eat. (I mean, I like Peeps, but it's sugar coated in sugar and even I can only eat so many:) Then, twice during the remainder of the day, I visited the bag. 

These next few months (yes, there is enough candy to last us months) is going to be quite the test of self-discipline. Instead of denying myself access to these little gems, I'm going to try to limit myself to 5 small pieces a week. That probably sounds like an absurd indulgence to you fitness gurus, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. 

And in the spirit of self-dicipline, I was reading Runner's World on our drive home and came across a great line: "To run faster, you have to spend time running fast." Sounds simple right? Well, I did many months of training in preparation for my most recent half marathon and could count the number of speed workouts on my right hand. I know the science behind the necessity of such torture, but I always find an excuse to skip it. No more. I'm publicly declaring that from here on, I'll be doing 1 speed workout per week. Years ago, my favorite one was this:

Warm up
1 mile at RP
2 Xs 800m at RP
4 Xs 400m at RP
(do this with a partner to limit your rest between intervals)

There are several more great speed workouts included in this month's issue of Runner's World. I'm going to try all of them. I've long believed that doing distance workouts, regardless of how slow they are, is great for training because it teaches your body just how it feels to be on your feet for such a duration. The same principle holds true for speed. If your body doesn't know what running fast feels like, how on Earth can you expect it to perform when you want to pick up the pace?! 

These goals sound well and good as I sit here typing in the comfort of my desk chair, but let's see how I meet the challenges. Today's Stroller Warrior workout is just a 45 minute steady state to burn off some of that Easter sugar I mentioned at the start of this post. But tomorrow, I'll tackle my first speed workout. Wish me luck:)


MizFit said...

I'm trying to watch and learn and pass along from my 6 year old.
She's soooo into the candy on halloween easter etc...for about an hr.

When we're home and I pop the basket on top of the fridge (in plain sight!) she never asks about it again (!)

Tina @ Best Body Fitness said...

I have a hard time around candy too. Great idea storing it away from plain sight and having a plan to enjoy it in moderation.

Also, love Runner's World!

Betsy said...

I avoid speed workouts too. I'm going to be better about it after I recover from Saturday's race. I also have a sweet tooth too!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Speed workouts have been pushed to the back burner for summer. With three half marathons this month my schedule is run, rest, run, rest, run, rest.

RunCupcake said...

Good luck with the self discipline and the speed work! I have trouble with both as well - especially the self discipline.

I'm actually thinking about cleaning my candy out of my desk drawer at work, because if it's there, I eat it. It's a bad habit.

The Mommy Miles said...

Holidays are so hard. Especially if you have a sweet tooth (like me). Good luck with both goals (candy & speed)!

Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl said...

i just keep a little bar of chocolate in the cupboard. And luckily for the most part, I'm not a candy addict. However, give me some beer and I am a snack addict. My cupboard is starting to be stashed with healthier choices. but its not perfect. work in progress. ;)

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