Thursday, February 16, 2012

Borrowed Questions

I happened upon this great blog yesterday courtesy of the FitFluential Ambassador Blogger Support Group FB Page. She listed 11 random things about herself and then answered some questions from fellow bloggers. At the end, Rebekah posted this list of questions and asked people to comment back with answers. I'm out of ideas for blog topics at the moment, so I'm posting my answers here:

1. What’s the closest purple thing to you? - The cover of a book entitled Dr. Paula's House Calls to Your Newborn
2. Who inspired you when you were little? - My father. He was an immigrant from Korea and worked harder to make a good life for himself and his family than anyone I've ever met.

3. Who inspires you now? - My fellow Stroller Warriors. They are military moms making fitness a priority in their lives and often serving as single parents while spouses are deployed. 
4. What was the biggest fear you’ve overcome? - I honestly can't answer this one. I don't have a single thing I can think of as a FEAR that I've had to overcome. I suppose that makes me one lucky gal:)
5. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? - When we were about 4 or 5 years old, someone asked us what we would rather have our names be. My sister (Jessica) answered "Jessie." I answered "Martha." This is mainly because we had another set of twins in our pre-school class with those names. Now I would have to say I would change my name to Reagan because I'm secretly in love with Ronald Reagan. Luckily, I just named my daughter that, so I guess I won't have to change it any time soon.
6. Who is your celebrity crush? - Without a doubt, and even with pointy ears in Star Trek, Eric Bana. 

7. Who is your same-sex celebrity crush? - Jennifer Connelly. She's gorgeous, but more important, it's natural.
8. What’s your favorite character trait? - Honesty. I'm physically unable to lie. I start sweating and laughing nervously if I even try. So I value that character trait in others.
9. What’s your favorite body part? - My friends from SW call me "Calves McGee," so I suppose I better say my calves. I got them from my father.  

10. We’re going on vacation to Bali. You can take one thing. What is it? - I'm Asian. It's in my DNA to say I'd take my camera. But because this is a running blog, I'll say my Saucony's.
11. Bikini, tankini, one-piece, or coverup? (extra points if you’ve been to a nude beach!) - Even pre-baby I was never really comfortable in a two piece. I've had a complex about my hips since I hit puberty, so I'm going with tankini...sporty, but also cute.

And just for fun, not because I was tagged in the posts circling the Internet, here are 11 Random Things About Me:

1. I hate even numbers. In March we will turn 32. I'd rather just skip it and go straight to 33.
2. I cut my toenails more than I probably should, and when I do it, I usually clip the calloused skin from the sides of my big toes. Gross, right?!
3. I have a tattoo of a frog on my left foot for absolutely no reason at all.
4. I hate bumpy gourds that they display at Halloween because it makes me think of skin diseases.
5. I love being a twin, but I used to hate it.
6. I talk to my mother-in-law every day.
7. My two best friends are from my high school days. We usually text once a day at least.
8. When my husband is away, I get used to being alone with my daughter. When he returns, it's difficult to fit him back into our lives.
9. I like way too many shows on ABC Family.
10. If I could have excelled at one sport when I was younger, I wish it had been gymnastics. Unfortunately, I'm 5'10".
11. I would love to be a semi-professional photographer one day.

Now if you're willing to share, please comment with one random fact about yourself!