Monday, February 13, 2012

Stuck in a Rut

From May to December of last year, I was a running fool. I dropped my 5k PR by minutes, not seconds. I lost a much needed 10 pounds, and an extra 5 just to see if it made me faster (it did not). I ran 6-7 days a week and some nights, I hopped on the treadmill once the Weasel was asleep to log a second workout. I ate relatively healthy meals, rarely snacked, and watched less than 4 hours of TV a week.

Then my wonderful husband came home. While I'm thrilled to have him home, it's definitely taken a toll on my physique and fitness level. First and foremost, we like our beer and cocktails. That affects not only my waistline, but my willingness to hop out of bed and workout in the morning. Secondly, we share popcorn or pretzels, or something sweet nearly every night while we watch TV. I haven't blogged in FOREVER! Writing this blog has helped me hold myself accountable for my running/fitness. And finally, I'd just rather spend time hanging out with him on a Saturday morning than going to meet my Stroller Warriors for a race. I'll have plenty of time for that, so I'm just enjoying the honeymoon phase while it's still in effect:)

But I'm using this platform to get back on track! Last Friday I ran 3.83 with the SWs and then Jason met up with me for an additional 4. The following day, I linked up with a girlfriend and her husband, and we knocked out 11 around base. It's not easy, but it feels good to get back into it. Yesterday, Jason and I got a babysitter to watch the Weasel, and we played racquetball for an hour and then did 20 minutes on the stair climber (the one with the rotating set of stairs). And while we did come home and share some beergaritas (limeade, tequila, and 2 light beers), I didn't feel bad about it because we're making it's a delicate balance. And this is life.