Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Which Inspires You More?

Would you rather see these picturesque images gracing the cover of Runner's World...

...or these "regular" people? 

Both types of images are inspiring, but which motivates you more? In our humble opinion, although we LOVE reading running success stories about everyday people like you and I, there's just something about seeing those 6-pack abs and muscular legs that make you want to run faster! I've been a long time subscriber of this magazine (probably 5+ years) and I glean inspiration from each issue (no matter how similar the topics are from month-to-month). But I find myself flipping to the pictures of the pros when I am stuck logging miles on the dreadmill. The "regular" people are absolutely inspiring, but there's really something about seeing the "perfection" of the super athlete that makes me want to challenge myself to run faster!

Which do you prefer?