Thursday, November 3, 2011

Run Like a Child

On Saturday, 29 October, we finally buried our mom and dad's ashes (they passed away in 2008 and 2006 respectively).  After doing that, we headed to a friend's lake house and ate disgusting amounts of cheese and crackers, tortilla soup, Italian sausage soup, vegetarian chili, and brownies with icing!  We spent no more than 10 minutes digesting this and Jessica, as crazy as she is, suggests we go for a jog.  No Garmin, no watches, no plan.  Just a nice leisurely jog.

It was exactly what we needed.  Our friend's daughters ran the first 100 yards with us and reminded us what it used to be like to run for fun.  Children have no concept of logging miles, they just go for it.  

The kiddos turned back and walked with their grandma as we headed out on a path around a beautiful lake.  We chatted and just enjoyed the beautiful landscape. Oh, and we tested out our jumping abilities:

And what better way to end such a run than to lay down in the freshly fallen leaves?  Challenge yourself to go out and run just for the sake of running.  Take away the gadgets, take away the stress, and remind yourself why you love such a pure sport.


Running With Sass said...

what a great analogy! Kids run with no abandon, I love it! great pics, too.

steena said...

I like it. I like how you closed the post "challenge yourself".. because it is a challenge to not get wrapped up in the miles/pace!

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