Friday, November 4, 2011

Finding New Ground

One of my goals for the month of November is to find a new trail to run every week.  Living in SoCal, there are a ton of places to run, it just takes some time to look them up online and then to navigate to them! Today I left work early enough to go on an adventure, which really took me less than 2 miles from my house!

I found the Eucalyptus Grove Trail.

-Close to my house
-Nice and hilly (though for someone as clumsy as me, this could also be a con)
-The other runners/walkers I passed out there were all very friendly
-Beautiful scenery
-The course is short - this makes it perfect for a long run training route.  You just put all of your snacks and drinks in your car at the trailhead and refuel when you finish your two miles!!!

You might get to see some bunnies!!!

-The trail runs along some major roads, so it's not very peaceful.
-It also runs through some pretty ritzy neighborhoods (huge houses on both sides)!  It's fun to look at how the other half live, BUT...if you have to pee, there's really no good place to do it (and yes, I REALLY had to pee the entire run).
-The course is short - two miles out and back.