Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Falling Short...

Last Tuesday, we did a goals post capturing the top 5 things we wanted to change/accomplish in November.  Here's an update on our quest to better our lives and our running:

Jennifer's Goals
1. Run 5 days a week. Done.  Ran 5 days, biked one.
2. Do speed work once a week.  I had good intentions of doing this.  However, it didn't happen because I got caught up in the fact that my RunKeeper app was not functioning properly.
3. Go to bed by 10:30 every night!  Hasn't happened once since we posted last week.  I've gotten better about going to bed at a reasonable hour, especially since deleting Words With Friends!!  I'm a total addict.
4. Learn about fueling/nutrition for before/during longer runs.  Haven't done much to work on this one yet.  Geez, I'm really starting to sound like quite a slacker!
5. Eat sweets no more than three times a week.  I've eaten sweets every day (multiple times) this week.  But here's the main reason: I was supposed to head home last Thursday.  Finally, after 3 weeks, I'd get to see my running group and leave these dreaded hills of northern VA! About halfway home, my car broke down.  After getting towed to a garage in Emporia,VA, and waiting for several hours, I was told that it would be $3200 to fix three broken catalytic converters!  You know what I did when I heard that?  I broke out the jogging stroller and headed out on a run.  You hear numbers that big and you have to do something to calm yourself down!  Well, I'm back at my in-laws and have been her for nearly a month now.  At least I get to jog without the stroller in tow! 

So all in all, I haven't exactly been dedicated to the goals.  This week I promise to try harder. I will get to bed earlier and eat less sugar.  Note I say all this as I sip champagne on a Monday afternoon:)

Jess' Goals
1. Complete speed work once a week.  Completed!  I did a hill sprint workout this week. 
2. Add two yoga workouts per week.  50% complete.  Last Friday I did a yoga video that I found OnDemand.  Considering I'm surrounded by yoga studios here in SoCal, I'd be better off finding a class!
3.  35 miles per week.  If you count biking, then I definitely reached this goal!  I think it's going to continue to be a mix of bike/run miles until my plantar fasciitis goes away :-(
4. Eliminate Monster energy drinks from my daily intake.  DONE!!!  Haven't had a single bit of caffeine since Sunday, 30 October.  Giving it up came with the price of a three day headache, but I feel SO MUCH better now!
5. Find one new trail to run every week. DONE!  Checkout my review of the Eucalyptus Grove Trail.

Here's to our (mine and your) goals!
(Photo from Zen of Erica)

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robinbb said...

Great job on your goals you two. I love reading up sisters running and my sister and I train together and love to run the same races.

I need to commit to fewer sugary foods during the week.

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