Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tools to Help you Succeed

A calorie-tracking tool that has an application for almost every mobile device. This makes it easy to keep a log of what you eat all day long. This tool will assist in helping you determine how what you eat affects your running!!!

The Daily Mile is a website (it also has mobile apps) that helps you keep track of all the different workouts you do! It gives you the options to choose from different activities, comment on distance/time, weather, how you felt, and much more. This tool makes it easy to keep track of all those miles you log!

If you haven’t discovered the foam roller yet, you need to check it out! Once you get one, visit this website to find extremely useful video instructions on how to perform different stretches. Trust me, your body will thank you!!

RunKeeper not only helps you keep a log of all of your miles, but they provide a mobile app that acts like a GPS. You just start the app and off you go on your run! Once you finish the run, select finish and save and the information is automatically uploaded. And you can choose to share it with others via social media websites!