Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Am I the Runner I Want to Be?

     A while back I wrote a post in my other blog, The Adventures of the Loch Ness, about the The Me I Want to Be.  That was almost a year ago!  Sometimes, I feel myself slipping back into those old thought-processes.  I have grand plans for how I envision the "perfect" me: I am a 7 min miler, I run 60-65 miles per week, I never have "off" days where I don't feel like working out, and I diligently hit the track for speed work at least once a week.

     In reality, that is most definitely not who I am!  I am an 8:30 min miler, most weeks I manage to get in 25 miles, I have lots of off days where I have to drag myself off the couch and onto the road, and I only get to the track when my running buddy, Leonie, makes me go!

(Photo from

     If I put life into perspective, I have to acknowledge that I work 50-60 hours per week.  I have a wonderful husband that I love to spend time with.  I am the "mother" of a 4-yo Golden Retriever.  And when I look at it that way, I'm pretty happy.  There are definitely areas that I would like to improve, and that's what keeps me going - the chance to become that "perfect" me as a runner!  I set goals for myself, and I work towards them, but I refuse to beat myself up if I don't get there as fast as I want to.

Nessie the Wonder Dog! (She's not a big fan of running)

Are you the runner that you want to be?