Monday, March 12, 2012

My Little Addiction

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm addicted to running gear. Specifically, running shorts:

First off, let me say that this picture doesn't even include the three pairs that were in the washing machine at the time I took it. Secondly, I will note that I was given MOST of these by my dear friend, Lynsey, who kindly offered them to me before heading to her local Goodwill! (I should actually thank Lynsey for about 1/2 of my complete wardrobe!) 

I definitely fall victim to the sale rack at Dick's and the sale tabs of various athletic apparel websites. And I happen to firmly believe that new running gear will in fact make me run faster and longer! If I had a job, I'd probably have 14 pairs of shoes to go along with my ridiculous shorts collection! Alas, I have to settle for the 2 pairs I alternate (both Saucony). If I had a bigger laundry basket, I could go 2 full weeks without washing a thing!

I also used to hoard racing t-shirts. But as of last weekend, I decided to pare down a bit. I cut out the front of each race t-shirt and placed the squares in a plastic bag in hopes of one day making a quilt out of them. We'll see if that ever happens:) 

Do you have a somewhat ridiculous collection of running gear too? Please comment so I don't feel too bad about my own!