Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Solitude or Group Runs?

There's a time for both running alone and for group runs - here we look at the positives & negatives of both...

For those that are new to running, sometimes running in a group is the best way to get started.

1) Other people can provide motivation that you cannot find within yourself.
2) Accountability to show up and run with others keeps you on task - much harder to just decide not to lace up those running shoes!
3) People who have been running for longer than you usually provide great advice!
4) Runners are fun people!!!  Get out there and get to know some of these awesome people!!!

1) Group runs can be intimidating.  Don't be scared, they usually have multiple pace groups.  No one's out there to win, they just want to have fun.
2) You usually have to drive to wherever the group run starts - this adds additional time to your workout, which you may or may not have.

If you're having a hard time finding a group to run with, checkout your local "meet-up" groups or a local running store.

However, for me, part of the beauty of running is that I can find complete solitude.  It's just me and Mother Nature.

1) You don't have to worry about keeping a specific pace and you can run based on how you feel.
2) Sometimes you don't feel like talking while you run.  I know that if I run by myself, it gives me a chance to just clear my mind.  In a way it is my form of active meditation.
3) You aren't on anyone else's timeline.  You can run right out of the front door and turn around whenever you feel like it.

1) Safety - if you run in an unknown area or you're running in a sketchy part of town, running alone is not a safe option!
2) Unless you are really dedicated, sometimes it's easy to convince yourself that it's too cold, you don't have enough time, you'll run longer tomorrow, etc.

Are you a lone runner or do you like to join the pack?