Monday, November 28, 2011

Virtual Friends

Although we are very new to the world of running blogs and Twitter, we have rapidly realized that you can create and maintain virtual friendships with so many out there!  By virtual friendships, I mean forming a connection with other people out there on the World Wide Web, people you've never met face-to-face (and not in the creepy child molester "connection").  These aren't people you have to call, text, e-mail, or write to.  You can just follow their daily goings-on via Facebook, Twitter, and their blogs....boy, really starting to sound like a stalker aren't I??

Here are a few of the folks that we love to follow and feel like we have "virtual friendships" with:

@nycrunningmama: We just got to watch her complete her first ever ultra, and what an amazing job she did!  It's always fun to be the runner, but it's almost as much fun to share in the joy that someone else has for running.  Way to go!  Checkout her blog -

@RNrunnerdiva: She recently completed her first ever half marathon!  What a HUGE obstacle to overcome.  I had a great time tweeting with her the week prior and reading her race recap.  She is proof positive that hard work pays off!  Checkout her blog - The Health Trek

@WarriorBetsy: Always looking to impact other people's lives, we eagerly wake up Saturday morning just to read her Soldier Stories!  Her blog is full of great stories about things she supports and what she's doing to train for her next race!  Checkout her blog - The Everyday Warrior

@TheMommyMiles: These two girls are fun to follow!  Great writers who find humor in everything.  They have a joint blog, like we do, so that's also fun!  Reading about the trials and tribulations of motherhood and how they find ways to intertwine running through it all is awesome!  Checkout their blog - The Mommy Miles

This is by no means everyone that we love to follow, but that would be a REALLY, REALLY long post.

Keep pushing ladies, you are awesome!

Do you have virtual friends out there in Twitterverse that you've never met face-to-face?

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Michele @ nycrunningmama said...

I loved this post!! Thanks for including me! So glad that we were able to link up on twitter! Looking forward to meeting you both one day soon =)

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