Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gobie Water Bottle

I would like to preface this post with an important disclaimer - I did not pay for this bottle, I actually won it at a Girls on the Run Coaches Appreciation Event.  But I wanted to share about it because I love it!

Here's the bottle.  Very simple looking.  One downside - it only holds 22 ounces of water, which means you have to refill it on a frequent basis.  The neat thing about this bottle is that it has a filter!  When I won the bottle, it actually came with three replacement filters.  The company recommends that you swap out the filter every 3 months or every 100 gallons.  Since I'm not OCD about water drinking, and have no idea how much water I really drink everyday, I think I'll stick to the every three month replacement schedule.  

Here's why I love it: I work at Camp Pendleton and the water there is iffy at best.  They keep coming out with studies about the water on base and warning us not to drink it...but they don't provide anyone with filtered water, so we have to pay for it.  This means that now I can feel safe about drinking water right out of the faucet!  The water tastes great from the Gobie bottle!  

If anyone is looking to buy a new bottle, I'd definitely recommend this one!