Monday, August 6, 2012

MCM Training: Week 3

With two weeks under my belt, I started to feel a bit more confident. One of the biggest hindrances to my training has been the heat, and this week was no exception, but during this week, life took over and I ended up with 5 days of running. No worries, it was still a great week, plus that's what the plan called for (just not back to back:).

Here's what week 3 was supposed to look like:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 5
Wednesday: Intervals
Thursday: 4
Friday: Off
Saturday: 15
Sunday: 4

Week 3 actually looked like this:

Monday: 5
Tuesday: 5
Wednesday: 1m w/u, 1600 TK (800), 800 TK (400), 6x200 FK (200), 800 c/d
Thursday: 14
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 2

Monday and Tuesday were great runs, mainly because my FIL was in town and he took stroller duty! Wednesday's was a bit odd. I woke up early with the Weasel and logged the warmup and the first 1600 interval. Then I headed back to the house where I dumped the stroller and the Weasel with FIL and her Uncle Geoffrey. I went back out into the neighborhood to do some more intervals, and though it was already hot, they went pretty well.

On Thursday morning, I awoke at 4:30 and was running by 4:40. I downed half of a Honey Stinger Waffle prior to running and set a full bottle of water + some Honey Stinger Chews at the top of my street. I logged 8 miles in my tiny neighborhood which was quite a feat of boredom. By the time it was light enough to hit the main road, I was more than ready to finish. But I kept going, sipping water and eating a few chews for energy. This was a good run. I was soaked when I finished, but the temps were never unbearable and that made waking up super early totally worthwhile.

On Friday morning, we were up early, but not to run:) On that fine, HOT morning, Jason, Fil and I hit the golf course for 18. It was a wonderful break to my training routine. Then Saturday rolled around and it was time for the Weasel's 2-year old birthday party. No time to run then either.

Sunday hit and I missed my running window in the morning. We ended up having a crab feast around 1:30 (Well, everyone else did, but I ate pasta since I'm allergic.) and then we had to say goodbye to Uncle Geoffrey since he was heading home. I had already had a glass of champagne, but I really had an itch to lace up, so I went out for a quick 2 miles (averaged a 7:43 pace) and called it good.

Week 3 was a success!