Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MCM Training: Week 1

I just started Week 4, so to say, "I'm behind" would be an understatement! As July approached, I was still struggling to find a plan that didn't scare the living daylights out of me. With the help of my husband and my friend/running partner, Jill, I finally narrowed it down to a mix of a couple plans (Runner's World Intermediate, ING Beginner, and my own comfort).

July 9th was D-Day. My first week was supposed to go something like this:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 4 easy
Wednesday: Intervals
Thursday: 3 easy
Friday: 3 RP
Saturday: 13
Sunday: 3 easy

My actual first week looked like this:

Monday: Intervals (1m w/u, 1x1200 HP (400), 2x800 TK (200), 4x200 FK (200), 1m c/d) 
Tuesday: 4.32
Wednesday: 9
Thursday 3.09
Friday: 4.11
Saturday: 3.03
Sunday: Off

As you can see, I didn't really "stick" to my plan overall. But I did log some miles, so overall, I was happy. The heat has been kicking my ass. Thank goodness I did the intervals with Jill and her husband, my Tuesday and Friday runs with Stroller Warriors, and my Wednesday long run with my friend, Nicole! Otherwise, I definitely wouldn't have made it through any of those workouts.

The long run for the week was now well planned by me. I saw that Nicole was planning to run at the Air Station, so I tagged along. I had the Weasel in tow and her potty too, we started too fast, plus we ran the first 5 on a trail. That made for a rough first half. At the 5 mile mark, we stopped for water and a potty break for Weasel. She didn't go which was frustrating and stopping just made it harder to start again. Nevertheless, we continued along the paved roads, with me begging to stop a few more times. As we came up to the 6.5 mile mark, we had the choice to turn left and go back to the vehicles, or turn right and add on another 2.5. It was a battle in my own head, but we turned right. We got to the vehicles and I was DONE. But Nicole said, "I'm going to finish 9." So after a minute of feeling lousy about failing so miserably to get my mileage in for the week, I finished out 9 myself.

One of my awesome SW running partners, Nicole, looking amazing after what I thought was a TERRIBLE run!

So Week 1 finished with a total of 28.83 miles. And while I didn't stick to the plan exactly, I did get a good start and learned some valuable lessons. 

Lesson #1: Stop wearing cotton t-shirts and start putting those dry-fit tops to use.

Lesson #2: Run earlier in the day whenever possible.

Lesson #3: Just because you don't nail the plan, doesn't mean it was a wasted week. Move on and don't dwell on your bad runs.