Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Narrowing My Options

As June is rapidly approaching, I've downloaded Hal Higdon's Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide on my Kindle and am devouring it. Counting back from the MCM date of Sunday, October 30, 2012, I've arrived at 10 June as a starting point for a 16-week training program. Most plans are around that duration. But now I'm struggling with which plan to use. When I was a young buck running my first marathon in 1999, I didn't use a plan. In fact, I think the longest run I'd ever done was around 3 miles at that point. But I was only 19 and made of "bubble gum and rubber bands" as my husband likes to say, so putting that sort of strain on my body wasn't really a big deal. Now, in my 30s, I am wiser and more brittle:) 

For the Quintiles Half, I was using Hal Higdon's training plan, but spent the first 5 or 6 weeks accidentally following the NOVICE one and thinking it was too easy (my fault for not reading properly!). Now I'm ready to select a plan for my upcoming marathon. That's where you guys come in. I NEED YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS! 

So far I've considered these:

Runner's World Marathon Plan

Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1 Training Plan

Rick Kimbal's Marathon Training Plan

But in searching for a plan, I've found that several plans come with a price before you can actually see what you're getting yourself into. I haven't actually gotten to the portion of Hal Higdon's book that states the plan, but I think it's included, so that would be a plus for going with his program. 

If any of you have helpful hints or advice as to which program worked for you and why you liked it, I'm all ears! Thanks in advance!