Friday, May 11, 2012

Fitness Is Fun

I am a self-proclaimed runner. I hate exercise classes, lifting weights, and other indoor fitness venues. Sometimes I do CF because I love the short intense workouts it offers, but mostly, I stick to running. It's easy to run with a toddler. If I want to hit the gym, I have to try to time it right so that there is space available in the daycare. If I want to CF while Weasel is awake, I know she is going to want to participate and mostly just be underfoot the entire time. (It's a true test of my patience some days:)

A few weeks ago, my husband's company invited spouses and family members to run the obstacle course, fight with pugil sticks, and participate in SemperFit training (this is a mobile training unit that specializes in functional fitness). I was hesitant at first since I couldn't tell you the last time I did anything like this, but I dressed in my workout attire and headed to base. 

We were immediately instructed on how to complete the O-course (obstacle course) and two Marines demonstrated various techniques to complete each obstacle. Being a former Marine, I wasn't really paying attention, but rather, praying that I could actually tackle each one without injuring myself! I decided to give it a go, and successfully made it through. Boy was it exhausting, but satisfying!

I actually made it to the top! (it's all about technique)

After a few minutes of recovery, I decided to join in the SemperFit class in progress. We did about a thousand squats, crazy jumping maneuvers, and enough pushups to make me want to cry. But I can honestly say, it was one of the best workouts I've ever done.

This is why I don't do group exercise...I look totally ridiculous:)

Finally came the best part of the day. Jason and I donned protective equipment after a brief demonstration, and I got to take a pugil stick or batons while he had NO "weapons" and we fought:

Even the Weasel participated!

We only fought for 2 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime! What a fun way to spend a Friday morning! And while I love running, what a good reminder that fitness can be fun and not every workout has to involve a jogging stroller. I was sore for 3 days following this craziness!