Thursday, April 19, 2012


In the last year, I've found a love for running that I never thought possible. While my priorities are, first and foremost, my husband and the Weasel, followed closely by other family and friends, running nears the top of the list for me. I've skipped playgroups or other functions to get my run in for the day. I've deserted my husband on Saturday mornings to do long runs with my Stroller Warriors. 

Blogging falls somewhere in the middle of the pack. While I love meeting new virtual friends and following their blogs, I typically only write when I have something to say. I write to keep a journal of sorts about what running means to me. Sure, I've fallen victim to the "I must post every week day or people will stop following me!" mentality, but overall, I try to keep it real. No one will think differently of me if I can't write a post once in a while. 

Well, Jessica is super busy in Afghanistan and not really able to contribute right now. And we are in the midst of fixing up our house to either put on the market for sale or for rent, so blogging will be taking a back seat for the rest of this month. Yesterday was focused on taking down personal stuff around the house in an effort to start the "staging" process. Today I spent the morning split between playing with Weasel and stripping/priming a section of our front porch. Needless to say, we're super busy. And while I could keep up the writing and skip the running, I'm not about to do that:) 

So for now, thanks for keeping up with our blog. Hope you'll visit again soon when we get back to posting. And for anyone who has tips about prepping a house for sale, please share them!! Or, if you'd like to have us post one of your blogs to promote you, email me at!


Lynsey said...

Umm hello, I staged our old house when it was on the market. Remember? I'd be glad to help anyway I can!

Lynsey said...

Umm hello, I staged our old house when it was on the market. Remember? I'd be glad to help anyway I can!

Running With Sass said...

my best tip for selling is declutter. take magnets off the fridge, put things in closets, make it look as spacious and open as possible! Gl!

Fun and Fit: Kymberly and Alexandra said...

Wow! You have a lot going on. For staging, when in doubt, pull it out. Less is more. Turn on all lights for showings. Happy running and Weasel raising. (KymberlyFunFit)

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

I wish I had tips for selling a house. Isn't there the tip of baking cookies right before an open house? People feel warm and at home like when they were growing up or how they wish their home had been.

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