Monday, April 2, 2012

In Memorial...A Post for Micah True

About a year ago, I had recently given birth to my first child and was struggling to get back in shape. I had signed up for a local half marathon to prove to myself that not all was lost in the realm of physical fitness. Unfortunately, I didn't have the proper equipment to run with the Weasel in the Bob, so I found myself logging many miles on the dreadmill while she played happily in the co-located day care facility. During these miles, I would enhance the font on my Kindle to GIANT and read while running. The first book I tackled was Born To Run. I was mesmerized, fascinated, and overwhelmed by the story of Caballo Blanco (Micah True), a man who had given up nearly everything, moved to Mexico's deadly Copper Canyons, and taken up a live of running with the Tarahumara Indian tribe. (Since this is basically cult reading for runners, I have no doubt most of your have read this as well.)


I found myself zipping through miles and not even noticing because I had immersed myself in the struggles and successes that the group of runners who eventually made it down to Mexico to complete a first ever 50-mile race through Tarahumara country. I was inspired to run longer and to try to teach my body that despite the aches and pains, this is what it was made to do.

Recently, I saw on Twitter that Micah True was missing after setting out for a run in New Mexico (his usual routine). Soon after came the terrible news that he perished in a desert canyon, legs half submerged in a stream with a 1/2 full canteen next to him. He was just 58 years old. 

While the entire running community is saddened by this loss, I was happy to read this article, where the point I pulled away, is that runners are not coming out against this solo, ultra running way of life, but rather, encouraging one another to go out for a run - without a GPS or watch - and just enjoy logging miles, the way Micah always did. God bless this man and his amazing contribution to the running world.